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What to wear on the farm

I have never given a single thought to "farm fashion." I had no idea there was such a thing! I was never a farmer myself, but I did grow up in a rural town, and many of my best friends growing up were farmers. Dairy, corn, soy... I figured it was all the same from a clothing perspective. I assumed you'd just wear things that could get dirty. The end.  Boy, was I wrong. I found this (very entertaining) podcast the other day by these two guys from Virginia. I learned a little, and laughed along with them as they told stories about their farms. Need something different to listen to on your lunch break today? I can safely say...

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Coming soon!

  We're so excited to tell you something, but we're not quite ready to reveal all the details just yet... what we can tell you is that BSBF is about get a whole lot Bigger, we'll making changes to become more Sustainable, and we're adding some Better, great new Features.  For now, follow us on Instagram to see the latest @bsbfco   With gratitude, Melissa 

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Shipping time delay

 Hello sock fans! I just wanted to let everyone know that shipping time is a little on the long side right now. We're just restocking our proverbial shelves, so instead of the standard handling time of about 24 hours, we're closer to 14 days at this point.  We're sorry, and we've hired a small band of roaming, nomadic gnomes to help out. They're super fast, but they're having trouble reaching the top shelves... so...  Thanks for sticking with us! Feel free to contact us with any questions, we'd love to get to know you. Have a nice day!

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