Our Story

BSBF started with a basic idea to improve a regular, everyday item - 

We wanted to create a better sock for bigger feet.  In fact, "BSBF" originally stood for "bigger socks for bigger feet," but now it means so much more. Our socks aren't just bigger, they are a wildly better alternative to the crummy, mass produced "big and tall" options that have been on the market (without any improvements!) for decades. 

It's true - we didn't designed BSBF socks for just anyone.

Our socks are for the person who searches for comfort and style; The person who wants a smooth fit, without a constricting ankle. These aren't your run-of-the-mill socks - BSBF are a significant upgrade to your everyday footwear.


We also wanted to consciously build a company that does more than develop excellent products.

We're proud to share that 20% of every purchase goes to Water.org, & all our packaging is either recyclable or compostable!

We make better, sustainable, bamboo charcoal socks specially designed for a larger foot. We’re a local company (based in Minneapolis, MN) working with international experts to deliver the best products right to your door. At BSBF, you’re not just a customer – when you try BSBF socks, you're joining a community of discerningly stylish, happy, odorless, dry-footed friends. 


Thanks for joining us. We're happy to meet you - 

Signature of our founder, Melissa 

Founder of BSBF Socks