2021 Holiday Gift Guide!

It's finally here - The BSBF 2021 Holiday Gift Guide! Wondering what to get your man, dad, bro, or pal? Well, look no further! The huge team at BSBF (okay, just me) conducted hours of research and polled almost 3 total humans to put together this exhaustive list. Holiday shopping done! You're welcome! 


Let's start with the hardest dude in your life to shop for - The Little Brother. 

The Little Brother could be you actual, biologically younger bro. Or he could be the short guy you picked on in college. He also might be the physically inferior bro at the gym that you so generously help with your awesome tips and tricks. It's time to share with him your most favorite comfort-clothing - A pair of BSBF Socks! You like him, but there's no need to spoil him.

We suggest: The BSBF 3 + 1 Pack: you'll get 3 new pairs for yourself, and then 1 gift-wrapped pair for your favorite little bro. 


Okay, next up - Grandma's Boyfriend

Grandma's boyfriend actually seems pretty cool. He's been keeping g-ma happy since '98, they met at the VFW, and he takes you and your cousins out turkey hunting every year. He has a sweet set of all the Die Hard movies (even the lame ones) on BluRay, and makes the best Tom & Jerry you've ever had, even if you have no idea what that even is. G'ma's g'paw's only complaint is that his feel swell up, and he hates his compression socks from the doctor.

We suggest: A BSBF 5 pack. They'll come gift wrapped for free (as do all orders made between November 1 and January 1!) saving you a solid 8 minutes of time. 


An easy one - Dad

Dad's the best. He came to your dance recitals even though you were pretty lame. He took you camping, and out for ice cream after swim lessons, and told you stories when you couldn't sleep. Dad's been working on his feet for 30+ years, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Time to treat those hard-working feet.  

We suggest: At least 5 pairs of BSBF socks. They can be double-layered for extra cushion and comfort.


The one you want to avoid  - Your Boss

Your boss could definitely be worse. He didn't throw a fit when you said you wanted to stay 100% remote this year, even though he has to be in every week for leadership meetings. He sends way too many emails that could Slack messages, but at least he doesn't overbook your calendar with too many pointless meetings. (Except the Standup, that one is so pointless it's literally still around because of Tradition at this point. But there's nothing he can do about that, either.) 

We suggest: 3 pairs of BSBF Socks. The most perfect, clean, black dress sock ever created. You'll look cool for getting him something he's never heard of, but is bound to love. The eco-packaging and modest price keep you within your budget, but will solidify your image as The Generous & Interesting Employee. 



The one you're not sure about  - Your Sister's Boyfriend

Your sister's new man seems pretty alright. He's better than the last dude, for sure, and definitely has a good sense of humor. He talks about hunting a lot, though, and you're not really sure what to get an avid hunter. More gun parts? Bullet... holders? Maybe... some rope? Charlie Bronson's always got rope. 

We suggest: 3 pairs of BSBF Socks. Because of the soft, thin knit fabric, these socks make a perfect liner for underneath those thick, itchy, wool socks hunters (or winter hikers) swear by. (And if he doesn't make the cut after Thanksgiving, then you can just keep these pairs for yourself!)



Well, that's it for this year's gift guide! If there were any bros or pals on your list that we didn't cover, check out these socks! And grab some for yourself while you're at it. 

Have a lovely holiday season, ya filthy animals!

Mel, owner & inventor at BSBF