Frequently Asked Questions

What are BSBF socks made of? 
BSBF socks are made of bamboo, organic cotton and charcoal fibers. The bamboo material is a much softer and stretchier fabric than traditional cotton or spandex blends. 

Why charcoal? Will it rub off on my feet? 
Our bamboo charcoal is integrated into the fabric and will not stain your skin or shoes in any way. You can't smell or feel it, but you'll know it's working the first time you use them. There's no other material that feels as comfortable, or blocks odor as effectively.

Why bamboo charcoal
The antimicrobial properties of bamboo fabric alone would make great socks. But we're not about great, we're about something better. Bamboo charcoal neutralizes odors, and provides an additional level of absorbency not found in any other material. 

Why are BSBF the best socks?
Absorbent moisture-control, antimicrobial, odor fighting socks are the best kind of socks. And that's exactly what BSBF socks are. 

What sizes do you offer? 
BSBF socks come in one size - comfortable!

We designed our socks to solve one big problem - there were no great sock options for our friends with larger feet. Our BSBF socks are comparable to a US men's size 13/15. Customers tell us that BSBF socks will comfortably fit a US man's shoe size 13, 14, 15, or 16. BSBF socks were designed and created with a larger-than-average foot in mind, so if you have a larger foot (length, or width), these BSBF socks might be just what you were looking for. 

That said, our founder wears a woman's 7.5, and loves to wear them as hiking boot liners, or all winter long during the cold Minnesota months. (Yes, she might be a little biased, but she really does wear them all the time!)

What does shipping & handling cost? 

Shipping and handling is based on standard USPS shipping rates. The average shipping and handling time is 4 days, but it could take up to 7 days depending on where you live. We ship with USPS.


For more questions or comments, please write us at info@BigSocksBigFeet.com or DM on Instagram