What to wear on the farm

I have never given a single thought to "farm fashion." I had no idea there was such a thing! I was never a farmer myself, but I did grow up in a rural town, and many of my best friends growing up were farmers. Dairy, corn, soy... I figured it was all the same from a clothing perspective. I assumed you'd just wear things that could get dirty. The end. 

Boy, was I wrong. I found this (very entertaining) podcast the other day by these two guys from Virginia. I learned a little, and laughed along with them as they told stories about their farms. Need something different to listen to on your lunch break today? I can safely say that I highly recommend What the Farm?!. (Specifically Episode 6 - What to wear when you're farming and automating your life.) 

What the Farm?!

One might also humbly suggest that a nice pair of moisture-wicking bamboo socks could quite nicely compliment the ensemble. Just a thought!