Hipster Holiday Gift Guide

We can't get enough of the holiday guides floating around out there in the web-verse this year. From classics like the New York Times book lovers list, to this incredibly inexpensive stocking-stuffers list from Popsugar, there are some really great ideas we'd never even thought of. And we want in on the game! So here are our Top 5 Happy Hipster Holiday gift ideas from the hot-cocoa fueled minds at BSBF. 


This wooden photo frame planter  [$30.00]  is any WFH junkie's dream come true. Available in Cedar, Mahogany, and Walnut - This planter is the beautiful simplicity any clean, modern-yet-sentimental desk jockey has been searching for.  Also, Woodchuck USA calls Minneapolis home just like we do, so we might be a little bit biased placing this one first on the list.




What self-respecting hipster is complete without their black beanie?! Make sure all your friends (especially those in cold-weather states) are dressed to cope with winter this year. This black bamboo and organic cotton beanie comes from a little etsy shop [$29.13] based in Paris. Oooo la la!






We want to buy this watch [$42.95] for all our friends, male and female! Look at that face, you could wear this with anything... wait. This is about gift shopping!



This is of the coolest coffee mugs we've seen in a while, and there are a TON of creative cups out there. Carry this around the office [$16.25] and remind all your friend-co-workers that you're more than just a manly, glorious beard. 



Not Today!!!! I don't know how many times I've shouted that at an overly eager cat who was awake WAAAY too early on a Saturday... but I'm not going to admit that here. I'm just... sharing for a friend. Yeah. Anyway, this shirt is awesome. [$27.30]